Thursday, January 17, 2013

american color

In honor of the photographer for tomorrow's Photog Friday, I'm posting a clue today. Can you guess who the photographer is going to be?

I love this photograph. This is one of those photos where I was looking through the take and tagged it, but skimmed it over quickly and never took the time to really appreciate it. Folsom Street Fair is one of those things that is, well, how do you explain it? Kyle says it better than myself -- "a celebration of any alternative lifestyle that isn't 'vanilla.'" This photo is definitely not the greatest or craziest moment of the day; it's a quiet moment. A feeling of bravery washes over me as I look at it, as if the man in the photo is peeking out of the shadows, not afraid to stand in the light that shows us for who we are.

Check out this video if you want more Folsom.

American Color - Folsom Street Fair - September 26, 2010

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