Monday, February 25, 2013


Yesterday -- Lindsey, Kyle, and I drove to Killeen, Texas (about an hour from Austin) to visit our cousins that were in town all the way from New York City! On our way to their hotel we discovered a random carnival in the middle of nowhere. Who can say no to lights, fast rides and carny food? We had a lot of fun and I'm fairly certain we gave our cousins the greatest impression of Texans.

Here are two shots from the first time that I photographed the State Fair of Texas in 2009 that never got published in The Daily Texan. Looking back I really like these two pictures... It's interesting how a fair is so bright and fun and filled with many people during the day, but when the sun goes down and everyone starts to filter out there is an eery calmness about the place and it becomes dark and mysterious.

Adventureland - October 2009

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