Monday, May 27, 2013

batman & friends

This weekend was pretty intense. All my family was in town, including my cousin from Arizona, to see  Paul McCartney's "Out There" concert, which was the best moment in life for everyone there. Disney was right, dreams really do come true when you wish upon a star. That and catching the announcement on the radio one day on your way to work, almost crashing your car because you realize that you found out in time to buy tickets the day they go on sale. And to top it all off you live down the street from the box office, so internet fees and waiting forever online only to timeout, refresh the page, and losing your place in line can go to hell. After years of skipping over Austin, Sir Paul finally decided to grace this great town with his presence and we got to go. Here is the culmination of the weekend at our parents best-friends-from-the-military son's wedding. Photos from Texas Photo Party.

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