Monday, January 4, 2016

photographing cg

As a working photographer, sometimes it's easy to forget to take your family out and make their portraits, too. Just before the holidays I had the pleasure of being asked by my mother to take her portrait as part of her Christmas present to my dad. So, we went on a walk together around the beautiful UT campus and this is what we came up with. It was a blast! My mom finally got to experience up close how I work and what it is I do with my camera all day.

Here's what CG had to say: "A few weeks ago I had, what I call, the experience of a lifetime. My daughter, who is a professional photographer, shot a photo session of me to be a gift to her dad. Being a direct recipient of her expertise in her chosen life's work was amazing! She did a great job of capturing me at my best. I was so proud of her and can't wait to be photographed again. Thanks honey!" -Carol Gerson

All photos by Lauren Gerson, Blackbird Film Co.

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