Monday, February 4, 2013

baltimore by way of austin

Besides the big news of the Superdome power outage last night, four former Longhorns were playing in the Superbowl. To name one - our former kicker Justin Tucker, who played for the football team while I attended UT. Over my five year stay there, I shot a LOT of football and shooting sports is a challenge, especially football. There's 100,000 screaming fans, drunk fans, running fans, fans on the sidelines, crazy student fans, fans with their shirts off, the press, the jerk video guys that sit in front of you, the jerk video guys that stand in front of you, the football team, security telling you to stand away from the football team, and a lot of other photographers carrying around twice as much equipment as you (probably judging your skimpy 300mm - that you were excited about using before you stepped into this mess and the stadium towering 10 stories above you). Now, make a sports picture we haven't seen before. Go.

Austin, Texas - September 11, 2010

This photo was taken on the September 11, 2010 memorial game against Wyoming at the DKR stadium. There are only so many different pictures you can get of a guy kicking a football from the sidelines. So, I got this one... luckily too. I really like the composition and the moment of anticipation. Ever since, I've been trying to get something similar and things haven't lined up so nicely.

Here is a story from another ex-Daily Texan staffer on how Tucker did for the Baltimore Ravens last night - just in case you're interested... cause I'm not going to start writing about what actually happens in the game, my brain would shut down.

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