Friday, February 1, 2013

photog friday: elliott erwitt

Elliott Erwitt. He is probably what made taking funny pictures of our pets so popular. The subtle humor in his photographs is unmatched by anyone. He is best known for his humorous photos of dogs. Mr. Erwitt is a member of Magnum Photos like Eli and shoots exclusively in black and white (to be accurate, at least, I've never seen a color image of his). If you are ever having a bad day check out some of his photos, or just troll cat videos online as they have taken over the internet and don't even care. Anyway, the thing I like to think about when looking at Elliott Erwitt's photography is how do you even come upon so many moments like these? For most of us, it doesn't happen that often. Photography-wise, it's only happened to me once. My grandma was in our backyard trying to get her dog, Charlie, to come inside the house. Of course, he wouldn't listen so she tried to pick him up herself and at the same time he tried to wiggle himself away. Luckily, I had my camera and caught this lovely moment on camera. Don't worry, I helped her get him inside immediately afterwards.

Dog Gone Mad - El Paso, Texas

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